Father Realizes How Amazing His Adult Daughter Is After Juggle Being a Mom and Wife

In 2018, Welch’s conducted a study that revealed the shocking truth about stay-at-home moms. The study proved that these women worked the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs per week! In fact, the average mom in the study began her day around 6:23 am and did not finish working for her family until around 8:31 pm. That’s right; the average mom works about a 14-hour day, which is nearly 100 hours per week! Now, of course, there are plenty of moms who work many more hours than that per day, as there are those who work slightly fewer. Not to mention, they have to juggle a wide variety of different jobs, often rotating jobs (multi-tasking) to get through their day.

While it’s true that we have come a very long way from the days where women subscribed to the “Good House Wife’s Guide,” we still have a ways to go before we truly realize an equal society where workloads are fully shared by both partners. While men have made great gains in redefining their role as husbands to include picking up more of the slack, women still carry the bulk of many household duties. And then there are still those who feel that women are supposed to do everything, these guys might have had mothers who reinforced this image by doing most of the household chores. Sadly, this cycle only repeats once they grow older.

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A few years ago, an Indian laundry detergent managed to send a powerful message that still resonates to this day. Procter & Gamble, along with Ariel India and creative agency BBDO Worldwide, collaborated on a commercial that struck home for a lot of working moms. The video features a father writing his daughter a heartbreaking apology after he comes to realize the repercussions of gender inequality and the role he played in creating that environment for his daughter.

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One evening the father is visiting his adult father when he stops to notice all the tasks she does when she arrives home from work. We see her ensuring her son did his homework, on the phone confirming travel plans for her dad, doing laundry, fixing dinner, serving her husband tea as he relaxes on the couch, as she moves through her home like a tornado of productivity.

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The father looks back over at the husband, who’s blissfully unaware of his wife’s hard work as he sips his tea and enjoys some TV.

“I never told you that it’s not your job alone, but your husband’s, too,” The father thinks to himself.

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When the video was released in 2016, COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg shared the video on her personal page, Writing:

“This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen,” she writes. “When little girls and boys play house they model their parents’ behavior; this doesn’t just impact their childhood games, it shapes their long-term dreams.”

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The video was shared over 48,000 times within the first 16 hours of her posting.

You can watch the powerful commercial in the video below.

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