Homeless Man Walks Into Burger King Asking What To Get With 50 Cents, But This Young Man’s Reply Floors Him

There is something about children that most of us tend to overlook. They have a huge heart and sometimes, it may show up in the most unexpected places. That is the case with Matthew Resendez, who displayed an act of kindness that not only helped out somebody in need, it was also an example to many of us as to how no good deed goes unrecognized. The amazing thing is, he didn’t do it to be recognized, he just did it because he was kind.

Matthew was taught well by his mother since he was a young boy. She wanted him to treat everybody with respect, regardless of who they were, what they did or their status in life. He knows that it is sometimes necessary to lend a helping hand to those who need it. His mother is happy to support him and, thanks to his upbringing, he doesn’t harbor any prejudice thoughts toward those who are different or less fortunate than his family.

The story began when Matthew was working at Burger King. A homeless man walked into the establishment and he was unkempt, to say the least. He also had a few coins in his hand and he was noticeably hungry.

The homeless man was not asking for any type of handout but he wanted Matthew to tell him what he could afford to purchase with the money he had available.

Matthew had worked at Burger King long enough to know that the coins weren’t enough to pay for even the least expensive meal. What he did, however, is something quite wonderful. He didn’t simply turn the homeless man away, he showed sympathy in a genuine way.

Matthew discussed the amount with his mother and she felt that he needed to pass it along to show others how kindness works. Michelle, his mother wrote the following:

“Proud mom moment!

Matthew was working this evening and a homeless man walked in the restaurant with 50 cents and asked if there was anything on the menu he could buy.

Matthew asked him what he would purchase if he could, and he said any item would ease his aches and pains.

So Matthew rung him up for a hearty meal and then used his personal card to cover the man’s meal.”

After giving the man a receipt he told him to sit down and enjoy the meal. What is most amazing is that a lady saw the boy doing this and recognized that it was a random act of compassion. She wrote a letter to the business to tell them about the staff member who did something so nice and she rewarded him with a tip.

“So proud to be his mother and I can certainly pat myself on the back knowing that I’ve played a part in raising this big-hearted young man.”

Another person who would have been in the same situation might’ve told the man to leave and not given him anything to eat. Matthew isn’t a person like that. He is a special young man who wants to help people, regardless of who they are.

There have been many people who have heard the story and they agree that what he has done is an act of kindness is helps to restore our faith in mankind.

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