Judges In Tears After Children’s Choir Sings Queen Hit, Have No Choice But To Hit The Golden Buzzer

Have you ever thought about performing before a live audience? Any type of public performance is probably one of the most common phobias that we experience but when you have a true talent, you will take that opportunity, regardless of whether you are worried about being in front of an audience or not. I’m sure that we all know somebody who has an amazing level of talent and we often wonder what they would be able to do if they were performing for thousands of people.

Something similar took place on the stage at Britain’s Got Talent in front of the judges and a live audience. It was a choir full of little children and when they stood in front of the judges, they really didn’t know what to expect. The children were from Flakefleet primary school and when they started singing, it was nothing short of amazing. They decided to perform a Queen classic, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. They even threw in some costumes and some dancing.

The Queen song was recorded in 1978 and was featured on the ‘Jazz’ album. Since that time, it has become a classic with an upbeat tempo and cheerful lyrics that will put you in a great mood. It was even chosen as a song for the 1980 Summer Olympics.

The little kids had a lot of enthusiasm in their voice and you can tell that the judges were eating it up. It wasn’t only the voices, however, the costumes and props matched the lyrics with the audience perfectly. They even included cardboard masks that were the faces of the judges in their costumes.

The entire performance was an overwhelming and contagious happy song. The children didn’t have any sign of stage fright so if they were anxious, they didn’t show it. All that they wanted to do was bring cheer to the audience and it seems as if they were able to accomplish it perfectly.

Simon Cowell was very happy with their coach who stood there and gave them the confidence they needed to perform. He even said that these types of performances were what the show was all about.

Both the children and the show grew a little bit on that day. They even got the first 2019 Golden Buzzer.

We can only imagine that the children are going to look back on this moment in their life and absolutely love it.

You can see it happening in this video:

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