Little Girl Sits At Piano But Her Song Choice Makes Her An Internet Sensation

Did you realize that, when a mother listens to music while she is pregnant it helps calm her nerves but it also has an effect on the unborn child? Music is sometimes said to be able to sooth a wild beast and it can certainly do a lot to help our stress levels and to even out our moods when we are having a difficult day. Mothers will often share the music with their little ones from the time they are infants and sometimes even while they are pregnant. Those individuals feel that giving a child an early start helps to boost their confidence and their creativity.

It can’t really be said for sure if this young pianist was listening to music at a very young age but one thing we do know is that she does have a creative streak. As you watch her, you can tell that there is no age limit when it comes to music. The young girl’s name is Diane and she is playing piano in public, causing people to stop and to record her performance on their mobile devices. If you were walking past and heard her playing, you would absolutely have to stop to listen or at least look in her direction. Her rendition of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is a perfect choice.

Diane is so calm as she sits at the piano and it really shows how much dedication she has to her practice and her art. She didn’t even have to think twice before she sat down and began playing for an audience that she didn’t even know. Those who heard her were surprised that she was able to play three different songs without any issue and we can only guess how many people had their moods changed as a result of her piano playing skills.

Pay close attention to her fingers as they are moving quickly with the keyboard. She didn’t look up from the piano as she moved from one song to another. It seems as if the hospital was the perfect venue for her musical skill and I’m sure that the doctors, patients and family members loved what she was able to do.

You can tell that great things sometimes do come in small packages.

You can listen to Diane playing the theme song from Pirates of the Caribbean in this video: