Little Girl’s First Day of Preschool Was Marked By This Adorable Toy Story Photo

“So long, Partner.”

While Woody may have utter those bittersweet words to Andy at the end of Toy Story 3, they were all we could think of when we look at this mom’s staged photo taken to commemorate her 3-year-old daughter’s first day of preschool.

In Ashley’s brilliant first-day-of-school photo, the backside of Jessie, Woody, Buz, Rex, and Slinky Dog can be seen in the foreground, while her daughter Hanna’s in the background, heading out the door cute as a button with her little backpack on.

“Hanna loves Toy Story so I wanted to try getting them in a picture for her first day of school and this picture just sort of evolved,” Ashley, who originally shared the image in blogger Jill Kraus‘s private Facebook group, Picture Play, told POPSUGAR. “I’m not going to lie, it came out even better than I imagined!”

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