Quadruplets Give Hugs All Around And The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of It

When we have siblings, we often have more than someone who shares a home with us, we have a built-in best friend. In fact, we often keep those friends for the rest of our life. Of course, there are going to be times when we find ourselves squabbling over trival matters but in the end, we are there for each other when it really counts.

That is true if you have one brother or sister but when you have multiple siblings, things really get interesting. Since we grow up so close to those individuals, we really get to know them inside out. At the same time, they learn everything there is to know about us as well. It’s a great way to build a relationship and as we get older, we just continue to expand the relationship further. That is especially true when you have multiple siblings that are the same age. Twins, triplets, and even quadruplets understand exactly what I’m talking about.

This little set of quadruple girls are having a blast. They love each other and it is easy to see because they express themselves with a hug.

When mom and dad saw this taking place from the kitchen, they instantly grabbed their camera and started shooting video. These little girls may fight every once in a while but they are doing something now that left the parents wiping away tears. They stood around and exchanged hugs and as one pair would separate, another pair would come in.

It is fantastic that mom was able to shoot a video of this precious moment. This is a moment that the entire world is enjoying but I’m sure these little girls are going to be reminded of this moment for the rest of their life.

There may actually be a reason why multiples get along so well. It has to do with the emotional bond they hold with each other.

According to a licensed family and child therapist, “The twin bond is important since it’s a relationship that really started in utero. Even in the womb, there was a lot of working together sharing a very small space.”

Even before they are born, siblings will be in a very tight space so they form bonds with each other even then.

You can watch this heartwarming moment in the following video:

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