Woman Hears Little Girl Singing In Walmart, Grabs Her Phone To Capture Stunning Performance

How many times did you ever make a trip to the grocery store to pick up just a few odds and ends? If you are a mother with children, you probably don’t think much about packing up the kids, driving across town and grabbing what you need for dinner. It is typically an event that is not going to garnish much attention but when this mother took her daughter to the grocery store, it grabbed the attention of millions of people around the world.

The little girl may only be eight years old but she is absolutely born to be a star. Perhaps you have heard the expression that you should ‘dance like nobody is watching’. This little girl goes by a similar motto but rather than dancing, she sings. In fact, she decided to belt out in the middle of Walmart and she didn’t give a second thought to who might be listening or looking in her direction. Fortunately, there was a stranger there who took the opportunity to capture what this girl was doing on video.

When you watch this little girl and her actions, you will understand why this video has gone viral. It really only took a moment for her to pull out her cell phone and push the record button but thanks to her actions, millions of people around the world now have a smile on their face.

At first, it is only the one woman who is shooting the video that noticed a girl singing. It didn’t take long, however, before a crowd started to gather. You can hear them discussing her amazing abilities in the background.

It is really not difficult to grab your cell phone and begin recording a video at a moment’s notice. If you are ready, you may even be able to capture a moment like this. Little did this woman know, however, that she was recording a superstar.

The little girl didn’t need a stage to perform, she only needed the aisle in the grocery store. She stood in the meat section and belted out the lyrics to a classic song, “Rolling in the Deep.”

There is no doubt that people were shocked when they heard her voice.

This little girl may look a little shy but when she started singing the song, every bit of shyness seemed to disappear. It’s amazing that such a young girl could be so talented.

You can watch the entire performance in Walmart in this video. Prepare to be amazed: