Three Acrobatic World Class Gymnasts Put On Legendary Performance

There’s nothing like watching a flawless gymnastic routine being executed by graceful and confident athletes. You really get to see the end result of years undergoing countless hours of preparation, training, and all the self-sacrifice that goes into a performance that lasts only for a few minutes. Acrobatic gymnastics is a sport that traces back all the way to ancient Greece. However, the modern-day version of acrobatic gymnastics started back in the 1930s in what was then the Soviet Union. It then caught fire in the states around the 1970s, when acrobats started performing on Muscle Beach in California. Soon, the very first American-based gymnastic organization was formed called the United States Sports Acrobatics Federation (USSAF) in 1975.

The sport of acrobatic gymnastics focuses on combining the elegance of dance with the athleticism of gymnastics to form a completely unique type of athletic and artistic expression. A gymnast’s body becomes like a paintbrush,¬†and his or her movements paint a picture at the rhythm of the music. And the Music can be from just about any genre, allowing the athletes to create bold new forms of expression. This sport sort of blurs the lines a bit between arts such as interpretive dance and cheerleading, which can often use some of the same moves and concepts. However, make no mistake acrobatic gymnasts are in a class all their own.

Source: screengrab via YouTube

We can see this distinction quite clearly in a 2010 performance that took place at the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Competition finals in Wroclaw, Poland. In the performance, three highly-skilled Ukrainian gymnasts executed a perfectly synchronized routine right down to the millisecond.

Source: screengrab via YouTube

They pulled off some incredible high-flying flips and near-inhuman balancing exhibitions that made their routine nothing short of legendary.

Source: screengrab via YouTube

It’s clear to see that these girls had worked very hard to put on this masterpiece performance. And their incredibly inventive performance landed them third place behind Russia and Great Britain that year. Looking at the video, it’s tough to fathom how the human body can bend in such a manner. Or how people so petite can hold another person’s body weight, let alone two while doing a perfect split!

Check out the video below to watch what is perhaps the most amazing three and a half minutes you’ll see today.

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