2 California Megachurches Have Rebranded as ‘Strip Clubs’ to Avoid Lockdown

Because of the continuing and ongoing coronavirus pandemic, states and municipalities around the United States have continued to impose restrictions on people so that we can hopefully curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Right now, about 2,000 people are dying from the virus every day and that number doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. To get around lockdown restrictions, some businesses have had to get creative, and believe it or not, in California, San Diego Superior Court Judge Joel R. Wohlfeil states that the state should cease actions that are keeping strip clubs from being allowed to provide entertainment for adults.

Well, some churches, who aren’t allowed to be congregating with their parishioners, took objection to that. Two of California’s megachurches decided to rebrand themselves as temporary strip clubs to protest the judge’s orders since strip clubs can be open but churches can’t. Despite several pastors openly defying state orders, churches are still restricted from holding services indoors. Well, last Sunday, the pastor of Godspeak Calvary Chapel decided he knew how to get around the state of California’s church closing orders. He decided to provide some friendly adult entertainment.

Pastor Rob McCoy of Thousand Oaks did a playful striptease where he removed his tie and danced to some old-time burlesque music. He’s actually quite good at it. The good-humored pastor said that he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his right to worship. In recent months, his church has faced numerous penalties for refusing to comply with the government’s orders. But McCoy’s not the only one getting in on the adult entertainment fun. Pastor Jurgen Matthesius of San Diego’s Awaken Church posted a video on Instagram that shows him stripping on stage (removing his tie).

We’re all about being safe, but it does beg the question of how it can be allowed for some establishments to be open while others are closed. It will be interesting to see where this story goes. Meanwhile, a lot of folks might be stopping in to the church just to get a few laughs. Watch the video below.