26 Times People Realized Their Grandparents Were Way Cooler Than They’ll Ever Be

Recently, some folks shared photos of their grandparents in their younger days. Folks shared photos of their grandparents, doing things like chilling with Albert Einstein, cross-dressing, engaging in Cosplay, being a real-life samurai, and drinking coffee with a bear. And, no, that’s not just one person.

Here are 26 examples of when folks realized that their grandparents were way cooler than they could ever dream of being.

#1. This guy said that this picture of his grandfather at his age made him feel super awesome about all the days he skipped the gym.


#2. This guy’s grandpa gave Albert Einstein violin lessons back in the day.


#3. This person’s grandparents were wearing each other’s clothes in 1943.


#4. This person’s grandma could have easily been a Hollywood starlet.


#5. This person’s granny liked to ride on the wing of her dad’s Cropduster plane while it was in the air!


#6. This granny (nicknamed Kidd) was not allowed to join the Air Force during the 1940s because she was a woman. So she taught young men how to fly in Stephenville, Texas during WW2.


#7. Here’s a photo of this person’s grandfather the day before he shipped out with the Marines in 1941.


#8. Here’s a photo of one grandmother right after she escaped Communist Bulgaria to Germany in 1978.


#9. Talk about tough. This is a picture of someone’s grandmother back in 1942. She raised six children on her own after leaving an alcoholic husband. Worked seven days a week as a cook in a gas station from 3 am to 5 pm.


#10. This crazy granddad always had a great sense of humor.


#11. This guy was into Cosplay before it was a thing!


#12. Hello grandma?


#13. In 1922, this grandfather trained war horses in Petawawa for WWI


#14. This guy’s great-great-grandfather was the Samurai of a small mining town in Kyushu, Japan.  He’s posing with his grandmother and one of her sisters in this picture taken in 1900.


#15. This person’s grandma was a welder during WW2


#16. Now, this is what real love looks like. These young love birds were married for over 60 years!


#17. This guy’s grandpa is just backpacking with a tiger. No big deal.


#18. This person’s grandmother was perhaps the first Indian woman in the western US to own a car. The photo was taken on April 7, 1916.


#19. It’s hard to tell, but it looks like this grandpa was enjoying a cup of coffee while calmly chatting with a bear.


#20. Here’s a picture of this grandma on her Harley in 1926.

Gina O’Toole

#21. This person shared his grandpa’s FBI Academy Photo. He apparently worked as a spy recruiter during the cold war.


#22. This person’s grandfather defused a bomb on Martin Luther King Jr.’s porch. He was buried three years ago on MLK day.


#23. Here’s a picture of a grandma who recently turned 98, wearing her full nursing uniform during WW2.


#24. Game of Throne fans will flip over this one. Here’s someone’s grandmother back in 1936. Doe’s she look familiar?


#25. This person’s grandfather riding a motorcycle he stole from a Nazi, just weeks after troops liberated him from a concentration camp in Landsberg, Germany (May 1945). He had spent four years in concentration camps around Germany and Poland.


#26. This person’s grandma (top) worked on airplane engines during WW2.


What did you think of these grandparents in their heyday? Let us know which ones you enjoyed or feel free to share your grandparents’ stories in the comment section. Also, please be sure to share this story with your friends and family.

Source: Bored Panda