29 Toys Most Us Probably Owned As Children In The 80s

For children growing up in the 1980s, it may have represented the last decade of very simple and fun toys. Of course, that’s probably something every generation thinks of their childhood trinkets. We always look back fondly on things from our childhoods such as toys, which are more likely associated with fun memories. Perhaps it was something to get as a present at Christmas or during your sixth birthday? Maybe it was a toy your parents surprised you with for getting good grades? Whatever the circumstances, we can usually remember the first time we ripped open the packaging eager to get to our new prized possession.

And there are so many toys that we look back on and cringe. Not because they were terrible toys, but because some of them are worth a small fortune today if in mint condition, and you remember trading it for a couple of candy bars. It’s usually best not to dwell on how you tore the arm off a doll that’s now worth more than your car, after all, you were just a kid. For those of us who grew up during a time when you can walk into a store with $5 and walk out with enough candy to last you for a week or more, it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 30 years since that magical time.

Here are 29 of some of our favorite 80’s toys to take you back to those golden neon days.

#1. The View-Master


#2. Fisher-Price Parking Ramp

Hot 104.7

#3. Glo Worms

MrCrazyCommercials / YouTube

#4. Smurf Camera


#5. Speak and Spell

Chuck D’s All-Classic TV Clubhouse / YouTube

#6. Care Bears

The Vocal Range

#7. Fisher-Price Cash Register

1001 Blocks

#8. Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine


#9. Wuzzles


#10. Fisher-Price Stove


#11. Monchhichi

Retro Playnet

#12. Popples

The Mary Sue

#13. Tree Tots Tree House

My Friend Is A Dog

#14. Fisher-Price Record Player

Scott G. Sanders

#15. Rub-a-Dub-Doggie

ghostofthedoll / YouTube

#16. Big Wheels

Web Debris

#17. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Arkham_Retirement / Reddit

#18. My Buddy and Kid Sister

Family Dollar

#19. Sit n’ Spin

Inside Hoops

#20. See ‘N Say Farmer


#21. Fisher-Price Gas Pump


#22. Mickey Mouse Talking Phone

Fourth Grade Nothing

#23. Sesame Street Poppin’ Pals


#24. Little People Play House

Toy Dollz

#25. Cabbage Patch Kids


#26. Colorforms

Community Thrift Center / Facebook

#27. Rainbow Brite


#28. The E.T. Vinyl Doll


#29. Playskool Rockin Robot

Retro Thing

Source: Throwbacks