3 Young Men Save Lives When Rushing Into A Burning Retirement Home

When most of us think about heroes, we think about those in the community that sign up to help others in some way or another. It could be policeman, fireman, or nurses that work at a local hospital. Every once in a while, however, we hear about ordinary individuals who become heroes due to the actions that they take. That was the case in Edmonton, Canada when an 18-year-old boy named Ethan Katicic saw something and knew that he had to do something. Ethan had always wanted to be a fireman but on this day, he was heading for a basketball court with two friends who were 17 years old at the time. That is when they looked over and saw that the Citadel Muse West retirement facility was on fire.

When they saw what was happening, they rushed over to see if they could be of assistance in some way or another. One of the young boys named Jackson said that they knew there were elderly people inside that would need help getting out. The first thing that they did was head to the entrance where they found some staff members and then they learned that there were still residents inside of the building. We all understand that it is a good idea to wait for the professionals to arrive but in this particular case, the boys ran into the building and up to the fourth floor where they started emptying rooms.

Smoke started to fill the hallways and it wasn’t long before the roof was fully engaged in the blaze. Some of the rooms would be completely on fire when they opened the door but they didn’t have time to be afraid of what was happening because they were focused on getting people out. They also wanted to knock on every door and get the people out as calmly as possible.

The boys realized that if they missed anyone, they would be left in the building. They even carried some of the people down the stairs because they were unable to make it down on their own. In the end, the three boys say that they were raised to help others and it seems as if that was exactly what they did.

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