34-Year-Old Veteran Commits Suicide After Attending 9 Other Funerals Of Friends Lost To War

The world has become more and more aware of the fact that veterans struggle with various problems. They see things that humans were not meant to see and they often lose a large part of themselves when they are in combat. On top of that, losing friends is a part of their life but at times, it can be difficult to come to grips with. Many veterans find themselves unable to cope when they get out of the military and they might end up living on the streets or addicted to drugs. For the 34 year old veteran in this story, it cost him his life.

Lance Shingler was no stranger to the problems that a veteran has to face. Not only did he have those difficulties himself, but he also was heartbroken when he had to attend the funerals of 9 of those who served alongside of him in combat. They lost their lives fighting for what they felt was right but for Shingler, it was just too much to bear. He ended up taking his own life by an overdose and left behind a family that was devastated and is trying desperately to pick up the pieces.

Shingler leaves behind his 2 children, eight year old Riley and six year old Elliey-Jaye. He was in Iraq from 2003 till 2008 and had a lot of issues while he was in combat. When he came back and left the army, he was left struggling with PTSD and the strain of attending 9 funerals of his friends was just too much to bear.

In February, he was rushed to the hospital after being found at home unresponsive. He was not able to survive but if people had responded to his obvious cries for help ahead of time, the problem may not have occurred. His wife said he was ‘screaming’ for help but there wasn’t anyone who was listening.

Shingler loved his family and enjoyed spending time with him. He also loved being by the ocean and would spend time there when he could. His family will miss him and hope that his death will be a reminder to those who may also be suffering.

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