60-Year-Old Woman Gets Sultry Makeover And Doesn’t Even Recognize Herself

There are times when we may say that we are in a ‘rut’ but at the same time, we might also say that we are in ‘a groove’. Do you know what the difference is between the two? It’s how deep they are. If you are in a groove, you are moving along and letting it take you exactly where you should go. If you let it go for too long, however, it gets deeper and it bogs you down. At that point, you are in a rut and it is time for you to make a change.

For some people, the only change that is really going to make a difference is a complete makeover. It may be a matter of getting a new wardrobe or perhaps new hairstyle but when you are in a slump, you need to change things up and make yourself feel good again. Makeovers can often be a very amazing experience and it helps you feel good physically and mentally. Even if you just change your style a little bit it can bring on some compliments and that can really help to boost your self-esteem.

Never underestimate how good a makeover can make you feel. That is what Debbie experienced when she realized that she needed something done but she wasn’t sure what it was.

Have you ever heard of Christopher Hopkins? Most people know him as ‘The Makeover Guy’ and it’s time for you to be introduced. Perhaps you have seen him before on national television. After all, he has been on the Today show as well as the Oprah Winfrey show.

When he isn’t making appearances on television, he is living in the city of Minneapolis and giving people their dream makeover. He has a crew of fashion advisers and hairstylists that are the best of the best. People come from all around to experience a little of his magic.

Debbie has considered getting a makeover before but she was a little bit hesitant to do it. She made the exception for Chris and the 60-year-old mom admitted that she was a big fan of his. She even said that she will trust him if he advised her to color her hair purple or green.

When you see what happens to Debbie after the makeover, you will realize that she was right on track for trusting him so much. He gave her an upgrade that was so beautiful that she almost didn’t even recognize herself! Not only did he give her a new hairdo, he gave her some new clothes and accessories.

Debbie wanted to do the makeover for herself. She is also interested in seeing what her family thinks. I’m sure that when her husband and kids see the makeover, they are going to be amazed!

You can see the makeover for yourself in this video:

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