A Couple Dresses Up Like Bees To Spread Wildflower Seeds Using Spice Shakers

I think that most of us realize how important bees are to the environment. They help pollinate the plants that feed us and they keep things alive.

Unfortunately, in recent times, we’ve seen a decline in the bee population. Entire hives are disappearing and it is raising some concern among environmentalists. After all, if the bees aren’t around, humans are going to have a difficult time.

There are many people who try to do what they can to help the situation. They may plant wildflower gardens to try to attract bees to the area but it seems as if we need a global initiative and one that will get the attention of more people.

That is where Phoenix and Shalaco come in. They live in San Francisco and they travel around the city dressed up as bumblebees in order to spread native wildflower seeds. They do so by using spice shakers, and it’s quite a sight to see.

Not only are they helping the bee population within the city limits, but they are also helping to improve the population of butterflies as well. They do so in a way that really attracts attention to their mission.

Their mission is to make gardening accessible to everyone. They are saying that you don’t need a yard in order to have a garden, you just need some seeds in a shaker. It’s all about restoring the land and bringing it back to where plants were able to feed the ecosystem.