A Hospital Is Sending Home Babies In Christmas Stockings

When it comes to tradition, we realize that Christmas is full of one tradition after another. It seems as if they run deep in many families as well. In some cases, it may be picking up the Christmas tree on Black Friday and in others, it could be playing Christmas music on the week that leads up to the big day. There are even some organizations that have their own Christmas traditions that they follow each and every year. On occasion, a tradition seems to come out of the blue and it may even take you by surprise with what it has to offer.

That is the case for a hospital in Texas. The Methodist Children’s Hospital has a group of volunteers they call Bluebirds and that group is doing something for people at the hospital all year long. When it gets closer to Christmas time, however, they have some traditions of their own and that includes making some of the most adorable Christmas stockings the world has ever seen. After all, the babies are being sent home as stocking stuffers with the cutest little hat to match.

The popularity of the Christmas stocking trend is growing.

People seem to be in love with having their child as part of such a unique Christmas stocking: “When my youngest daughter was born New Years day she was wrapped in a white stocking with a red band while the other holiday babies were in red ones,” one reader says. Another reader says that they remember “when [her] son was born, he was too big to fit in the stocking, so they put a Santa hat on him.”

The last person says, “This is how my son came to me in the hospital.”

Babies coming from the hospital in a receiving blanket and hat are not unusual. It seems as if this trend is really taking things to the next level, and the baby Christmas stocking trend might just be coming to an area near you as well.

You can see more about it in this video:

Source: Do You Remember