Abusive Fiance Almost Gouges Her Eyes Out So Nobody Would Want Her

We sometimes get warnings that are not only for our own good, they are good to pass along to others because it can mean lives in the end. That may just be the case with what happened with Jenna Hurley, a young woman who became a fiancée of a man that she thought was absolutely perfect for her. His name is Mark Whiteside, and they lived in Preston, Lanchester. Everything was going along just fine until the unthinkable happened. He ended up attacking his fiancée in a manner that was so cold that her father didn’t even recognize her because of the bruising.

She talked about the beginning of their relationship and how amazing it was. It wasn’t long before she took a shine to ‘Markey’, and he was quick to do kind things for her. He even painted her bike and covered it with Princess Disney stickers. It wasn’t long, three months to be exact, that Hurley found out she was pregnant with his baby. There was a moment of panic when she had to tell him, and he just said that they would talk about it when they got home. He gave her a hug when he came through the door and said that they would be a family.

It was a few weeks later when Whiteside lost his job and they were wondering about how they would get by financially. She was working two jobs and she offered to help him, but he snapped at her. Although he apologized, she was likely wondering what was next.

He also became controlling, telling her not to go out with her friends and if she did go out, he would make it miserable for her when she came home. She tried her best to keep the relationship going, but that is when things got really bad. When Hurley was 32-weeks pregnant, he came in the room and started demanding money. She withdrew the money from the bank and cried . After the baby was born, things were normal for a short while but it wasn’t long before they turned sour again.

He would continually accuse her of cheating and check up on her when he could. He also started accusing her of having an affair. Before long, he was out of control, hitting her with his fists and choking her until she felt like she was going to pass out. He kept accusing her of cheating and it didn’t matter what he said, he continued to do it. She was beaten so badly that even her father didn’t recognize her. Now, Whiteside is under arrest and charged with assault and he has a 14 month sentence and a restraining order. That is why she is giving the warning, because you never know when he might be looking for his next victim.