According To Owen Wilson’s Ex-Girlfriend, He Has ‘Never Met’ His 2-Year-Old Daughter

As we move our way through life, we are going to meet many people. Some of them will continue to be a part of our life for years and others may come and go so quickly that we may not even recognize that they were there in the first place. Although we tend to think about those who we meet in a physical sense, there are also plenty of people that we meet because we watch their movies or see them on TV every week. We may never have spoken to them personally, but we seem to feel as if we know them on a personal level. It is alarming, therefore, when we find out that somebody is not who they appear to be but they are only playing the part.

Owen Wilson is one of the more likable people in Hollywood. You’ve probably seen him play a number of roles, and it always seems as if he comes out as the good guy, even if he is playing an unusual character. Recently, it seems as if he has been typecast as a father figure. You may even look at him as being a good dad, but when you find out what is actually happening in his life, it may make you think twice about it. It seems as if his ex-girlfriend, Varunie Vongsvirates, is speaking out about the daughter that they had together. Lyla was born in October 2018 and although he knows that he has a daughter, he has never seen her.

Vongsvirates recently talked about how Owen Wilson does help financially, but is ‘not involved at all’ in the little girl’s life. She says that it has never been about finances, the little girl needs a father and it would seem as if Owen Wilson is capable of playing that part in life.

Of course, you never really know what is going on behind-the-scenes. What you are seeing is just a glimpse into all that is taking place in their lives. That being said, it’s a shame that he isn’t willing to stand up and take part in the little girl’s life, a life that he is responsible for.

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