Amber Heard Wanted A PreNup But Depp Said No

Prenuptial agreements may not be part of every marriage but in celebrity marriages, they happen on a regular basis. It isn’t necessarily that they were saying they expect to break up but if they do, they don’t want it to be messy.

Sometimes, prenuptial agreements can also be a point of contention, even among celebrities that both have a considerable amount of money. That seems to be the case with Amber Heard, as she is saying that Johnny Depp refused to sign one before they got married.

In fact, she went on to say that when she would take one to whom and offer it to him, he would simply rip it up. This was all part of the testimony that has been going back and forth from the defamation lawsuits. It has certainly attracted a lot of attention.

Heard said: “I wanted to eliminate any doubt in his mind, in other people’s minds so I brought it up to him.” She also said that he didn’t want it.

This is only part of what has been a three-ring circus inside of the courtroom. Allegations include Heard saying that she had to give up certain sex scenes in movies because he was so jealous and she also said that he was physically abusive.

At the same time, she also referred to him as being impulsive, especially when it came to his proposal without an engagement ring. She referred to Johnny Depp as being the love of her life.

CBS News reported that Heard mentioned about their prenuptial agreement from their 2015 wedding during the trial. She said: “[Depp] said, ‘If you ever brought one up to me or if ever saw one got my hands on it I’d tear it up, any way out of this is death. The only way out of this is death.'”

The problem was, Depp thought that she was trying to end the relationship and was looking for a way out. Apparently, he said: “Are you already thinking of how you’re getting out of this? Are you already planning to get out of this, you’re already planning on leaving?’”

As you can imagine, there were different versions of what was said between Heard and Depp. He claimed that she was the one who went into a tailspin over a prenuptial agreement.

“[Heard] kept saying, ‘I’m not even in your will. I’m not even in your will,’” Depp said. “I thought that was an odd thing to say. Especially since I don’t think anybody had had time to change wills or anything of that nature.”

In the end, they were married for 15 months before she filed for divorce.

Sources: CBS News