Audio Files Reveal The Horrible Things Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Said To Each Other

We certainly have heard our fair share of accusations in the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. They are both accusing each other of abuse and the specifics that are going back and forth are nothing short of shocking.

Most recently, something that has been allowed into evidence in court was some audio recordings. The audio was of the two of those individuals in a heated argument and the insults they were throwing back and forth to each other really paints an ugly picture.

It wasn’t clear when the clip was recorded during their relationship but in the middle of all of the yelling and insulting, they started laughing at some points. It was interesting, and perhaps even a little sad.

At the beginning of the audio, Depp said: “Everything’s fine until it doesn’t go your own way and when it doesn’t go your way, I’m in trouble. I don’t want your kind of woman.”

After some unsavory opening comments, Heard can be heard saying: “I wish I hadn’t bought into any of your f***ing lies, your bulls*** your sober f***ing presence, your f***ing goodness, your sweetness, all the lies. I wish I hadn’t bought into the months of you being you, I wish I hadn’t f***ing thought I could have kids with you, you’re a f***ing kid yourself. I wish I hadn’t bought into any of the lies you sold, talk about fake bill of goods.”

They both started laughing for a little and he ended up calling her a ridiculous clown and a brat. He also said that she should figure out what she has to offer instead of going out and ‘getting your t**s out.’

“You got it figured out!” Heard said, “You’re right, that’s what I do. That’s that!”

She then took a shot at 21 Jump Street and said:

“Hey, at least I didn’t do like a TV show where I was a heartthrob in my 20s, that would be embarrassing. If only I was with someone in their 50s that could point that out to me. You don’t even know what movies I’ve done. I had to watch your f***ing dreck and you trying to spew out your f***ing lines.”

At the end, he called her jealousy ‘tragic’.

During questioning by the attorney after the audio was played, Depp’s attorney asked her if she called him a sellout. Hurd said: “I was expressing frustration about his criticism of my career and how many problems it caused in the dynamic of our relationship. I called him horrible, ugly things, as you can hear. We spoke to each other in a really horrible way. I called him a lot of ugly things.”

Heard do you deny that Depp was the one that got her the role in Aquaman. She said that she got it herself by auditioning and added: “that’s how it works.”

We’ll just have to see where this goes during the ongoing cross-examination.