Bracelet Shocks You When You Spend Too Much Money Or Eat Too Much Fast Food

One of the problems that many of us have had with dieting is the fact that we just don’t have any self-control. We may wake up in the morning and feel as if we are on top of the world but by the time lunch rolls around, we are giving in and enjoying a piece of cake. It seems as if we all need a little bit of discipline but sometimes, we just want somebody else to do the hard work for us. Up until this point, it was difficult to have somebody follow you around and yell at you when you ate too much food. It seems as if you can now buy a device that does it for you.

Imagine what would happen if you were warned and perhaps even scolded every time you ate something unhealthy. The same thing could also be said if you happen to be somebody that blows your budget on a regular basis and you spend too much money on things that are completely unnecessary. Regardless of which category you happen to fall in, you can enjoy this unique device from Amazon that is going to make your life a lot easier and perhaps even better.

Amazon wants you to stop eating junk food and spending too much money so they are now offering a unique bracelet.

The bracelet is Pavlok and you can buy it on Amazon. It is said to be a “behavior training device that works by utilizing Aversive Conditioning.”

The product’s creators say that it provides the following: “Aversive conditioning is essentially behavior training that uses negative stimuli and association to help reaffirm a specific action as undesirable.

The reason so many people continue to smoke even though they know it’s bad… is because for many smoking IS pleasurable.

The reason so many people continue to consume an unhealthy snack after unhealthy snack is because it often DOES taste good.

And that’s why Pavlok is ultimately so effective.”

You can actually use Pavlok to break many different types of habits.

Do you waste too much time online? Cured! Bite your nails? Cured! Hit the snooze alarm too many times? Cured! In fact, the reviews say that it works wonders for those who can’t get up in the morning.

The bracelet is rather ingenious. The product creators say it is similar to having food poisoning, when you get it, you don’t eat that food that causes the poisoning any longer. It’s known as aversive conditioning.

“Using the slightly uncomfortable stimulus of a shock, Pavlok helps train your brain to associate the bad behavior with the uncomfortable stimulus. And after as little as a few weeks of associating the two with consistent use, your brain begins to say:

‘Hey, wait a second. Maybe I DON’T like smoking.’

‘Hey, wait a second, maybe that donut doesn’t do much for me at all.’”

It sounds interesting but not everybody is on board with it:

Learn more about it in this video:

Source: Bored Panda