Brain Dead Mother Kept Alive for 123 Days So She Could Give Birth to Twins

Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha was just nine weeks pregnant in 2017 when she suffered a stroke and died. Her family was unsure if she would pull through at all, and she never regained consciousness. Regardless, her family is now celebrating. In a report by the Daily Mail, it said that the woman’s babies had a heartbeat even after their mother technically died, so they were able to keep her alive so that she could give birth. This would allow her body to incubate the babies and give them the nutrients they needed to stay alive in her womb, something that has never been done for this long.

The team of 20 specialists kept Frankielen alive for 123 days after she became brain-dead. Then, they delivered the twins by cesarean section when Frankielen was seven months pregnant. The 21-year-old woman was from Campo Largo, Brazil. The embryos were only nine weeks old and doctors could hear their heartbeat, so they decided to try. The staff at the hospital decorated the room and even sang to the unborn babies to try to create a substitute for a mother’s love that is normally felt by embryos in gestation. The father of the twins is calling their birth a “miracle” and of course, it is. Medical advancements are remarkable.

The babies, Anna and Asaph, were born healthy and are now thriving. The couple had another little girl named Beatriz, who was two at the time of her mother’s stroke. Frankielen began to complain of a headache but had no other symptoms. Then, she had a cerebral hemorrhage and became brain-dead. They switched off her ventilator in February. The father, Muriel Padilha, is 24 and the doctors told him that they didn’t believe the babies could survive. However, when they did an ultrasound, doctors saw that they were clinging to life.


The babies were born completely healthy. Watch the video below for more on this story.