Car Falls On Top Of Father But His 8-Yr-Old Son Is There To Save The Day

There are sometimes things that happen and we are not able to explain what is behind it. That is the case in this story, which shows an eight-year-old boy and how he saved his father against all odds.

It happened when JT was out working with his father on the vehicle along with his 17-year-old brother. His brother had cut his hand and had to go in for a bandage and during that time, the car slipped off the jacks and fell on top of the dad.

He had climbed under the car to take the axles off after they had removed the engine. It is a moment in time that he will never forget.

The father was desperate and he could feel himself beginning to lose consciousness. The last thing he could do was to tell his eight-year-old son to Jack the car up and get it off of him.

The father, Stephen, said that he felt a degree of peace as he was losing consciousness. He didn’t know that his son would be able to help him but he was at peace with the situation.

In the moment before he lost consciousness, he yelled to his son on the other side of the car to jack the car up quickly. Unfortunately, he couldn’t move and he ended up passing out. His last thought was how his son would never be able to jack up the car on his own because it took him and his 17-year-old son to do it the first time.

JT decided he would do his best. He even had some doubts and weighing and only 50 pounds doesn’t seem likely that he would jack it up.

In the end, he continued to jump on the handle of the jack and the car began to lift slowly. He didn’t think that he’d be able to do it but the car started to go up and it continued. The more he tried, the more it worked out for him.

After the car was lifted off of the father enough, he ran inside and got his older brother. They called for an ambulance and they were there quickly to get him in an ambulance and take him for medical assistance.

Of course, nobody is sure how the little boy was able to raise the car off of his father. They are calling it a miracle, but one thing is certain, never deny the dedication of a young boy when his dad is in trouble.