Children Found Decapitated, Leading To Father’s Arrest

As parents, we do what we can to care for our children in every way we possibly can. We provide them with ongoing training to help them grow up to be well-rounded and healthy. At the same time, we also provide them with a roof over their heads, healthy food, plenty of attention and lots of love. Perhaps that is why it shocks us so much when we hear about someone who does something absolutely unbelievable to their children. Unfortunately, it happened in California and firefighters came on the scene to find what was left.

A report of a gas leak came in around 8 AM and when Los Angeles County firefighters showed up, there was a 12-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl dead inside of the home. They had both been decapitated and now their father is under arrest in conjunction with that horrible crime. Maurice Taylor Sr. is being held on suspicion on a $2 million bond for killing his children. Many people described him as being mellow and he was a personal trainer who taught his clients from home virtually due to the pandemic. When one of his clients tried to get in contact with him and didn’t receive a response, they knew something was wrong.

The client said that they knew they weren’t out of town and they didn’t have the money to travel. There must’ve been something behind what drove him to do something like this. It has been thought that it may be due to a stressful environment for the family because of school closures and being stuck at home.

We are seeing more and more people who are coming unglued at the seams as a result of the stress of the pandemic. This is one man who took things much further than anyone should ever take them.

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