Chris Martin Talks About ‘Viva La Vida’ And Then Nails It With The Perfect Guitar Version

Musicians are rather interesting individuals and we sometimes don’t give them the credit that they deserve. When they achieve a level of fame, we start to appreciate everything that they give to us, especially when their music is beautiful and sometimes, inspiring. Of course, we are all born with the ability to sing but some of us are reserved to singing in the shower while others will stand in front of an audience of thousands of people and end a song with a standing ovation. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they market themselves properly, but as you are about to see in the case of Chris Martin, talent is everything in this business.

Chris Martin is a songwriter, musician, and record producer who started singing with the band, ColdPlay since 1996. Since that start, he has really made a name for himself until he moved over to another band in 2014. Of course, one thing that he took with him was his amazing ability to sing and his ability to write music is often understated. He is more than just a performer, he is a musician at heart and we see that when he visited Howard Stern in the studio. He performed an acoustic version of ‘Viva La Vida’ and there was more to it than what most of us could have ever expected.

As Chris was sitting at the piano giving an interview to Howard Stern, they were talking about how he came up with this song. It was a rather interesting story, but what was really interesting is the fact that Howard Stern asked him to pick up the guitar and play this song as an acoustic piece.

We are all familiar with the ability that Chris Martin has of playing the piano and his singing is second to none. Now that we have heard him play this acoustic song on the guitar, our respect for him has just hit an even higher level.