Clearing 7ft Of Snow In Yellowstone Is A Unique Experience

When the winter comes, we can expect to experience a number of different things that we don’t experience during the warmer months. Depending upon the part of the world that we live in, we may have some cold weather along with some frozen precipitation, either in the form of freezing rain, sleet or snow. It is something that many of us have just learned to live with and the snow is actually quite beautiful, provided you are standing inside and watching it fall from the warmth of your home. That being said, the snow can also be a huge pain.

When was the last time you had to clear snow from your driveway or from your front walk? Perhaps you had a few inches of snow or even up to a foot of snow that needed to be cleared. You either grab a shovel and got working or you pulled out a snowblower and cleared it off in that way. In either case, however, it was something that generally took you an hour or so, depending upon the amount of snow that needed to be cleared. Imagine, however, if you had a literal wall of snow that needed to be cleared and you only had a shovel to do it? How would you accomplish that task?

This video can give you an idea of what some people have to put up with when the snow is falling. It is of a man clearing the snow in Yellowstone but it isn’t a few inches or a foot, it is 7 feet of snow! Obviously, you couldn’t use a snowblower but he does use a shovel in a rather unique way. Just watch how he has to do it and you may never complain about shoveling snow again.