Cop Claims Unarmed Woman Has A Gun During A Traffic Stop – Shoots And Kills Her – And Keeps His Job

We have been hearing a lot about police officers in the news lately and here is another story from earlier this year. Hannah Fizer was a 25-year-old woman who was pulled over by an officer with the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri. It was a traffic stop but in the end, Hannah was shot and killed.

It took some investigation but the police officer that was responsible for the shooting is back on duty again. He claimed that Fizer told him that she had a gun and threatened to shoot him. She then supposedly reached for her cell phone to shoot a video and was shot by the police officer.

According to special prosecutor Sephen P. Sokoloff, “the shooting, albeit possibly avoidable, was justifiable under current Missouri criminal law.” The reason why it was ruled that way is because the police officer was told she had a gun and was justified in using force. Admittedly, he did kill a defenseless woman for no reason but no laws or policies were violated in the process.

Sokoloff gave a written statement, in which he said that there was ‘evidence’ that the police officer was threatened to be shot with a gun, even though she didn’t have a gun. There were no recordings of the incident released and no gun was found. The testimony of the officer was all that was used in this case, but other evidence collected seems to show the opposite. Sokoloff ended up taking the police officer’s word and ignored the other evidence.

In his statement, Sokoloff wrote:

“The evidence indicates that the deceased, who had been stopped for multiple traffic violations and who had refused to provide any information to the officer, had advised him that she was recording him, and then shortly thereafter, that she had a gun and was going to shoot him. At the time the officer discharged his weapon, she had reached down into the floorboard of the car and raised up towards him. Based on the information and circumstances available to the officer during the event, it cannot be said that the officer did not have a reasonable belief that he was in danger of serious physical injury or death from the actions of the deceased at the time he fired.”

According to friends and family, she was on her way to work and was also a friendly person that didn’t carry firearms. They find the report from the police officer difficult to swallow.