Dave Matthews Goes Live With A Phenomenal Acoustic Performance Of ‘Crash Into Me’

When we think about our favorite singer, it is likely that we automatically think about some of the songs they have written and sung over the years. Some of that may have been hits that were played on the radio almost constantly and others may have been hidden away on an album, but those of us who are truly fans came to appreciate the music that they performed. It isn’t always about the songs that they sing, however, it is sometimes about the style of music and even the unique voice of the singer. I would have to say that is one of the reasons why some of the singers have risen to fame, including Dave Matthews.

When it comes to a unique and smooth voice, I would have to say that Dave Matthews is really in a class all of his own. It seems like anytime you mentioned him and his singing, somebody is going to say how much they love hearing it. He sounds good when his music comes out of the studio and is played on the radio but as you are about to see in this video, he sounds awesome when he is singing live as well. It happened a couple of years ago when Dave Matthews went to visit Howard Stern in the studio for the Howard Stern show. Of course, anytime a performer gets the opportunity to sit with Howard Stern, you are sure something interesting is going to happen.

After discussing his music and the song for a while, he was asked to play his Grammy-nominated hit, “Crash into Me”. He strapped on the guitar, started playing, and instantly it was one of the more beautiful songs we have ever heard performed for Howard Stern.

Of course, he had his unique style with this acoustic version that really makes us appreciate this song like it was the first time we heard it. Thankfully, it was uploaded so that we can hear it as often as we like.