Fake Child Services Came And Tried To Take Away A 2-Week-Old Baby

As parents, we do what we can to protect our children from the evils in the world around us. We realize that those issues exist, and eventually our children are going to be exposed to them, but when they are young, we protect them with every fiber of our being. Every once in a while, however, you hear a story about someone who is trying to prey on a youngster and it makes you wonder just how safe we are. That is what happened recently in Marysville, Washington, when a woman tried to steal her 4-year-old son.

According to the reports, Jessi McCombs had two people on her front porch last week claiming that they were from child protective services. They were dressed in professional clothing and the man and woman had some news for the new mother. They said that they were going to take her son into protective custody due to injuries that had occurred. Jessi was confused over the situation because her son was fine and didn’t have any injuries. She thought maybe they had the wrong house, but she grew increasingly suspicious. Through it all, however, they were able to identify the name of her son and the date of his birth, so it almost seemed legitimate.

Rather than simply handing over her child, the mother demanded that they show some identification or provide a valid court order. She grew suspicious that it was a scam and called 911 as quickly as possible. When she picked up the phone to do so, the man and woman on her front porch ran away and told her they would be back later. According to the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families, any officer from their facility would be accompanied by a police officer.

It is frightening to think that such a situation could occur this easily. If the mother would not have thought quickly and taken the right action, who knows what could happen. Unfortunately, this type of situation is happening more and more frequently so it’s best for parents to be on the lookout.