Father And Daughter Sit Together To Perform A Beautiful “A Whole New World”

Although we may have many relationships in our life, one of the ones that will be most important to us is the relationship that we have with our father. Arguably, people are going to say that our mother is the closest relationship that we have but our father certainly should not be left out of the mix. When he is part of a loving family, he can add a lot of comfort and stability to the entire family unit. He may also share in some tremendous activities that will be carried around in our hearts for years to come. It’s something that we all treasure when we have it in our lives.

I’m sure that is how the father and daughter felt who are part of the singing duo in the video that you see below. There is just something amazing about hearing them sing together, not only because they are both extremely talented but because they seem to share more than just a talent of being able to sing. They also share a love of music and obviously, they share a love of each other. It’s a very beautiful thing to see, and we’re thankful that they share it online by posting the videos after they sing a song. That includes this video, in which they perform “A Whole New World”. It’s an incredible song but when you hear them singing it, it just takes things to the next level.

Although they have a lot of talent and they obviously have a love of music, there is another reason why this song is so special. It seems that it is a favorite of both of them and that is why they seem to be smiling the whole way through it. I’m sure that you will be smiling as well when you hear them singing it.

Mat and Savannah Shaw are the father and daughter who sing the song. You can watch it for yourself in the video below and feel the emotion that is so amazing to watch with our own eyes.