Former NASA Engineer Glitterbombs and Traps Scammer, Gets Her Arrested

My wife loves prank videos (as long as no one gets hurt and it’s all in good fun). She thinks they’re hilarious and nothing makes her laugh harder than seeing pranks (again, as long as they are harmless…). However, one thing that is catching on is for these guys who are super good at pranking are putting their skills to good use. One such talented person is a former NASA and Apple engineer named Mark Rober. Rober went to college for mechanical engineering and worked for NASA for nine years working on the Curiosity Rover. Later, he went to work for Apple on special projects.

For five years, he was at Apple doing great things, and now he’s a YouTube star with more than 19.4 million subscribers. He does a lot of cool things like building mazes for backyard squirrels, testing to see if sharks can smell blood, and even went swimming in a 15-ton Jello pool. He’s a lot of fun and it seems he had a good time creating these informational videos. Another thing he enjoys doing is glitter bombing porch pirates. A porch pirate is someone who steals packages off of people’s porches, a well-known way of stealing things in the age of Amazon, it seems, and something that happens a lot during the holidays.

There’s another, more costly scam that goes on where hackers get on the phone with vulnerable elderly people and steal their money. It’s insidious and there are lots of exchanges of a lot of cash. However, Rober is on the case. Recently, he managed to bust one of these elaborate scams by glitter bombing some people at the low end of the scamming chain and at the supervisory level. The scammers get into the bank accounts of old people and have them mail them cash.


Watch the video below to see how it all went down.

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