Hugh Jackman And His Wife Are Celebrating 25 Happy Years Of Marriage

When most of us think about Hollywood marriages, the first thing that we think of is how long they will last. Unfortunately, many marriages in Hollywood don’t last very long. It isn’t because of the people, necessarily, it is because of the pressure that they are under. Being constantly scrutinized by millions of people, not to mention the paparazzi can really drive a wedge between those individuals. In addition, they often work in close quarters with others, including playing some romantic roles. It’s a recipe for disaster, but it doesn’t always have to be a disaster.

That is something that we see with Hugh Jackman. He got married 25 years ago to his wife and they have been together all this time. Out of all of the Hollywood couples that didn’t last, it seems as if these two are here to stay. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy points about Hugh Jackman and his wife is the fact that they seem to have the secret for success for a long and happy marriage. Celebrating such a special day, especially after 25 years of marriage is a milestone that anyone can appreciate. For a Hollywood couple, however, it is over the top.

During the time that the couple has been married, Jackman has certainly played his share of roles. He played in The Wolverine, Prisoners, and The Greatest Showman. That is really only scratching the surface and many people consider him to be a true Hollywood heartthrob. Of course, his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness is quite a looker herself.

These two seem to have the secret to success with their marriage and it is in the fact that they truly care about each other. More than likely, they do little things for each other at home and they aren’t afraid to give each other a thumbs up in front of the entire world. In either case, it’s an interesting thing to watch and we love how much they love each other.

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