Jimmy Fallon Talks To Kelly Clarkson About How She Didn’t Know She Auditioned For American Idol

It is always interesting to watch late-night television. It isn’t the fact that we sometimes get a little punchdrunk when we have been up that long, it’s also the fact that they do their best to provide us with some solid entertainment. That is especially true when it comes to the talk shows, which always seem to have something interesting going for them. We get to catch up with the celebrities, learn a little bit about their personal lives and perhaps even see them in some type of zany skit that helps us to get an even deeper look into what is going on behind the mask that they usually put on for the public.

Although any late-night talk show host is talented in this respect, Jimmy Fallon just seems to have a talent that is unlike the others. After all, when he gets a celebrity in the studio, he does more than just sit with them and ask them questions. Of course, that also happens from time to time but what is even more interesting is the fact that he gets interactive with them. It could be playing a game from their seats or perhaps even somewhere else in the studio but in any case, it’s a lot of fun to watch. There are also times when the interview goes so perfectly that there isn’t a need to take things elsewhere. That is what happened when he spoke with Kelly Clarkson a few years ago.

Most of us appreciate the music that Kelly Clarkson puts out and we remember her from the time that she was on the first season of American Idol. She ended up winning that season and the notoriety that went along with it, propelling her career to the top in a very short amount of time.

When she is sitting with Jimmy Fallon in this episode, she ends up taking things to the next level by letting him know that she didn’t realize she was even going to be on TV when she auditioned for American Idol. We can be thankful that she was on TV and that she followed her dream, because we love her music and appreciate these candid interviews.