Rare Video Appears Of Johnny Cash Singing ‘Country Roads’ With John Denver

There are certain songs that just seem to define us from the time we are very young. Of course, those songs will change from one generation to the next but if you happened to be around before Gen X, Gen Y and the millennial generation, you probably remember a little bit about John Denver. He was one of the most iconic country music singers of all time and you probably know at least one of his songs, especially: ‘Take me home, Country Roads’.

Another singer that was also somewhere between a legend and an icon was Johnny Cash. His deep voice was easy to recognize and he was also responsible for many songs, including ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘How High’s The Water, Momma?’. His music was so iconic that there are many of his songs that still play on the radio today.

That is why it is such a treat to come up with a video, such as this. It was recorded in 1978 and you may never have heard or seen it before. Now, I’ll give you a heads-up before you watch it, this isn’t a hi-def video. It reflects the general recordings of the time but when you watch it, you can’t help but be taken along as these two musical legends sing side by side to a classic country music song.

It is unfortunate that both of these singers have passed from the scene but we still have their music to remember them by. This is sure to give you a nostalgic feeling that will last a long time.