Kindhearted Bus Driver Pulls Over To Pick Up A Barefoot Baby Wandering In The Cold

The life of a bus driver is not one that often gets a lot of special attention. For one bus driver in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, however, a normal day turned out to be the day she became a hero.

It happened when she saw a baby wandering barefoot over an overpass in freezing weather and the baby was all alone. The bus driver, Irena Ivic knew that something needed to be done so she pulled the bus over, jumped out, and grabbed the little girl.

She said: “Oh my God, I was so upset, and I couldn’t believe that somebody can leave the child on street. I’m just grateful I was in the right place at the right time.”

They held a special ceremony to honor what she had done. They also spoke about how the 19-month-old girl was left outside. Her mother was going through a mental health crisis at the time.

Since the little girl was rescued, she was reunited with her father and social media has been thrilled with what that kind of bus driver was able to do.