Lady Gaga Gets The Audience On Their Feet With An Energetic Performance Of ‘Born This Way’

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and instantly knew that it was going to be a hit? I think that all of us have had that experience, and it’s easy to spot such a song when we hear it. At times, it has everything to do with the music that is being played, including the lyrics of the song but at other times, it also involves the musician. After all, when a singer is popular, it seems as if they can do no wrong and every song they put out is going to hit the charts just as quickly as the last one. That is especially true if they are not only a singer, they are a performer, and they really work the stage and the audience to make sure that their performance is unforgettable.

Although there are many singers who put on a great stage show and are just unusual enough to be unique, there is one that seems to stand out above the rest. I’m talking about Lady Gaga, and her unique style, singing ability and stage presence all work together to make sure that her songs are popular from the moment they are released. Of course, there are songs that are more popular than others but in any case, the popularity of the singer certainly goes a long way to making the song just as popular. For Lady Gaga, one of those songs was ‘Born This Way’ and it’s interesting to hear and to see when she performs it in concert.

You don’t have to watch Lady Gaga performing live in front of you in order to recognize the power of this song. You can simply watch the music video below, which was taken back in 2011 when Lady Gaga was performing live at the Sydney Monster Hall. I think that everybody who was there that day remembers this moment and all the power that went into it.

Watching Lady Gaga perform is an experience, to say the least. She brings a lot of energy to the stage, and everyone who was dancing by her side has that same power and energy behind them. Watch the video below for yourself and you will see why she is a very well known and loved performer.

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