Little Boy, 5, Passes Away After Mom’s Boyfriend Kicked Him Out of Car for Being Loud

When Bryan Starr kicked his girlfriend’s little boy, who was only five years old, out of the car for being “loud,” the boy was killed when another vehicle hit him. The fact is, young children can be loud. That’s what kids do. Kids make noise, and in most cases, a parent handles it appropriately. However, there are abusers out there and that’s exactly what 35-year-old Bryan Starr is. Just because the child was supposedly being loud, Starr kicked him out of the car on a busy Alabama highway. Essentially, this man abandoned the child and the mom may have known that this was a person not suitable to be around her child.

He says that the little boy was misbehaving, but his own carelessness selfishly took this child’s life. The little boy who lost his life was Austin Birdseye, and it wasn’t just any old day, either. Starr kicked Austin out of the car on a dark and rainy night. Before long, Austin was hit by another car and died of his injuries. Not long after the accident, the little boy was taken to the Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital and he couldn’t be saved, unfortunately. Officers who were investigating the crime brought Starr in so that he could be questioned. He told them what happened and how it all went down.

The man says that when Austin started misbehaving, Starr pulled into a church parking lot and ordered Austin to get out of the Dodge Charger he was driving. Starr confessed that after ordering Austin to get out of the car, he lost sight of the boy. It wasn’t until he saw other cars stopping on the road that he realized the severity of what he had done. That’s when he knew that the little boy had been hit by a car. In the end, Starr was held responsible for the crime and charged with murder, and rightly so.

At a press conference, the Russell County Sheriff said that Starr had a “reckless disregard” for the little boy’s safety and well-being. As it turns out, Austin’s mom wasn’t in the car when it happened. Even more surprising is that Starr is an active-duty Army sergeant who was posted at that time in Georgia at Fort Benning.

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