Man Fails At His Job Interview Before He Ever Sat In The Interview Chair

We may go through many stressful situations in our life but one of those that we may find particularly difficult is if we are going on a job interview. We may prepare for the interview for quite some time, making sure that we set everything up properly, have the right clothing, fill out our application and then sit in the hot seat. We may even try to practice answering some of the more difficult questions that may be asked of us and we put our best foot forward during that time. As you are about to see, however, there is more to giving a job interview than simply sitting in the chair.

The following post went viral and I would have to say, it was popular for all the right reasons. Thousands of people voted for the story about how somebody blew the interview in the first five minutes when they entered the building. In fact, what is so incredible about this particular job interview fail is the fact that he was able to fail the interview before he ever actually took the interview! Enjoy this story for yourself.

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