Man Has Giant Huntsman Spider In His House And Lets It Stay For A Year

What is your first reaction when you see a spider in your house? Some people are going to squash it, other people are going to try to capture it, and still others are going to go screaming in the opposite direction. It really is a matter of perspective and in most cases, a spider is nothing more than a tiny eight legged creature that just tends to freak us out a little more than it should. That is, of course, unless you are talking about a huntsman spider. Those giant spiders are straight out of a nightmare of any human with arachnophobia; they also tend to make a rather interesting houseguest, and an Australian man named Jake Gray knew that all too well.

Jake went on Facebook to share a picture of his housemate that he kept for over a year. He had been watching the ‘mighty huntsman’ over the course of that year and the spider managed to grow to a phenomenal size. When he posted a picture of the spider on Facebook, you can see that it is taking up a large portion of the wall. He captioned it, ‘Check out this big girl’, and we are just thankful that we can check her out on Facebook and not in real life. According to Jake, the spider showed up in 2019 in his home in Far North Queensland. It stuck around for about 12 months, eventually growing to the size of a dinner plate.

Although some people were amused with his picture and discussing the spider in his house, other people were a little freaked out over the situation. One user even wrote, ‘that’s the spider’s house now’ and another said ‘Make sure she chucks in half on the rent she owns a room now’.

Huntsman are brown in color and are known for their little legs and large size. Even though they are hairy and large, they are not necessarily a dangerous arachnid to have in the house. They do have venom, and a bite may make you sick, but they don’t typically bite and will run away rather than be aggressive.

That being said, I think I’ll just leave that to the imagination rather than finding out myself.