Man Opens Up About His Family Life With 5 Wives And 2 Dozen Kids

We live in a world where traditional families are more and more difficult to find. That is especially true if you turn your attention to Rocky Ridge, Utah. That is where you will find the Williams family, and they are polygamists.

In the Williams family, you will find one father with five wives and 24 children. They are split between two different houses. Brady Williams, the father, is 49 years old and he is married to Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda.

Most people would think that this was a complicated situation but he told ABC News: “It’s not that complicated. We love each other. We’re just normal times five.”

Although the family has 24 children from the polygamist marriage, they are teaching them that they don’t have to be polygamists when they get older.

It seems as if they have adopted a progressive approach to polygamy, according to their estimation. They are open-minded about their beliefs and occasionally drink alcohol. It has caused some issues within the community.

The five wives are split between two houses that are next door to each other. Every wife takes a turn to cook dinner for the 30 people in the family.

“It’s like having Thanksgiving dinner five nights a week,” Brady Williams told The Journal.

They also had their own reality show from 2013-2014. It gave them the opportunity to show people how they feel about their lifestyle.

“There is an unhealthy stigma attached to polygamy,” he said. “There is nothing wrong with consenting adults living and loving how they choose.”