Man Turns A Tiny Apartment Into A Comfortable Home

We have heard a lot about tiny homes in recent years. It wasn’t all that long ago that people were always talking about how bigger was better but now, simplifying is all the rage. Tiny homes provide an opportunity to live a life with a lot of options. They also offer the chance for a lot of comfort, provided they are set up properly and built in a way that allows for it. We might even have seen tiny homes and thought to ourselves, “I could easily live there.” I’m sure that you will feel that way when you see what this man built.

When Christian Schallert found a tiny apartment that was only 258 ft.² and decided to do something with it, his parents thought that he was crazy. I can say that I would have wondered if it was really big enough to make a comfortable home but it’s not always about the size, it’s about the setup. When Schallert was finished with the home, it seemed so much larger than its original size. It had all of the amenities that are necessary for comfortable living and more.

At one time, this Barcelona apartment was a pigeon loft at the top of a building in the Born district. Barbara Appolloni is the architect who decided that she would turn the small apartment into a tiny home with remarkable qualities.

In order to make the home what it is, the design had to use a lot of what you might see on a boat or perhaps in a Japanese home. It produced clean lines, plenty of beauty and added a lot of space to an area that was relatively small. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking at the kitchen, the closet or even the hidden bed, it seems as if everything is easily accessible.

Schallert readily admits that he has an active personality and is constantly moving things around the room. Sure, the apartment is tiny but they can easily transform from a kitchen to a dining room or to a bedroom, depending upon the need.

You can see more of what this home has to offer in the following video: