Mom Takes Off Work Because Her Son Was On Life Support And She Gets Fired

Every once in a while, we hear about something that really makes our blood boil. It’s typically some type of injustice that affected an individual or a family in ways that most of us could not even imagine.

That is what happened when Crystal Reynolds ended up losing her job. She was working for a gas station in her hometown of Albion, Michigan when she told her manager that she had to take a day off work.

This wasn’t for some trivial matter but rather, it was because her son had a blood infection known as sepsis. Her son was in the hospital on life support because the infection was so severe.

It seems as if Crystal wrote a note to her manager letting him know that her son was still on life support. She said that she could come to work until he was out of bed and started to get better.

Her manager didn’t seem happy with the suggestion that she should take off work and replied that that wasn’t how they did things so they’ll accept that she was quitting!

Of course, Crystal was unhappy about the situation so she decided to go on social media and let the world know about it. That started a firestorm of replies between her and her manager and everything was posted to social media.

After the supervisors at the gas station saw what had happened they reacted. It seems as if Crystal still has her job but the manager is fired!

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