Mom Visits 6-Year-Old Tardy Son At Lunch And Finds He Is Being ‘Publicly Shamed’ By The Staff

As parents, we realize that there are going to be times when our children need us more than others. In some cases, people will take advantage of them because of their innocence and when we see it happening, it can really make us angry. There are also times when we hear about some type of injustice that happens with someone else’s children and it is so bad, we get angry for them. That is sure to be your reaction when you hear about this 6 year old boy from Grants Pass, Oregon. What happened to him should never happen to any child.

Hunter was going to be late for school. His mother realized there would be the issue because she was having problems with her car. She fully expected Hunter to get detention. When Nicole came to visit her son at lunch to see how he was doing, she saw something that made her blood boil. She didn’t see her son in detention, she saw that the teachers were humiliating him publicly. She was fit to be tied.

Nicole had problems with her health and she also had to carve out the time to get her son to school. The bus was not available in her area so she did her best to get him ready but he was going to be late by a few minutes that day.

Hunter knew he was facing detention and he was crying when he went into the school. That is why his mother wanted to visit him at lunch to try and make him feel better.

“Sometimes Hunter isn’t ready, but most often the tardiness is not his fault. Nicole suffers from osteoporosis, which makes it painful and difficult for her to function, especially in the morning,” KDRV reported.

Nicole arrived at the school and saw Hunter seated by himself. There was a board that separated him from his classmates.

Hunter also had a cup with the letter ‘D’ on it for detention and he was in tears. Nicole’s heart was broken when she saw her son being publicly humiliated. She was outraged at the treatment her son was receiving.

To make matters worse, her son was only a few minutes late and he didn’t even have to make up any assignments.

Rather than take the issue lying down, she took a picture and shared it with the community on Facebook.

When Hunter’s grandmother shared the picture, it started to spread like fire. Eventually, it was shared well over 70,000 times.

”This is my grandson, Hunter. He’s a little first grader. His momma’s car sometimes doesn’t like to start right up. Sometimes he’s a couple minutes late to school. Yesterday, he was 1 minute late and this is what his momma discovered they do to punish him! They have done this to him 6 times for something that is out of this baby’s control! They make a mockery of him in front of the other students! The principal is responsible for this. His mom found him there, crying, and took him home for the day. Anyone want to help me flood this lady principal with calls telling her how inappropriate this is?”

It seems that the policy of the school was guilty of bullying. The school as flooded with calls and their Facebook page received many bad reviews.

After the pictures went viral, there were others in Grants Pass that wanted to help. They did their part to ensure that Hunter would not be late to school again.

When Hunter’s mom and dad went to pick up their car from the garage, they were surprised to find out that it was damaged beyond repair. The truth, however, was much better.

The auto dealer worked with the community to buy them a vehicle that was dependable. A number of businesses in the area also got involved and they gave her a Chrysler van.

“You see that minivan sitting right there?” asked Lisa McClease-Kelly of Kelly’s Automotive Service.

“That’s yours,” she said, as she handed Marc the keys to a Chrysler minivan.

The family was both shocked and moved.

“I’m just blown away to see the community come together like this and see that there’s still good people out there,” said the happy father, Marc.

They also got the policy for tardiness changed. At least no other children will be shamed like this.

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