Mother Allowed 8-Year-Old Daughter To Get Pregnant By Her Husband, Allowing Him To Rape Her Repeatedly

We sometimes hear about cases of child abuse and we wonder how someone could ever do something so horrible. Our hearts go out to those children who must not spend the rest of their lives living with the physical and mental scars that might be left behind. Perhaps the most devastating type of abuse is the sexual abuse of a child, and this is one of the most alarming cases we have ever heard of. It involves a 34 year old Virginia man and his wife, 39 year old Marcy Lynn Helms. She had allowed and even encouraged her husband to repeatedly rape her daughter starting at the age of 8 until she got pregnant and gave birth at 15.

When you hear about something like this happening, you might wonder why it would ever take place. It seems as if the man, Brandon Irving Helms, had the mother’s blessing. She had even said she wanted her daughter to be his concubine. After becoming pregnant, the teen continued to be raped by the monster. They lived in a dilapidated house and she was even forced to give birth on a table. No medical attention was given. When an anonymous tip was given, a social worker, Wannetta Jones, came to their house.

Brandon Helms answered the door when Jones arrived but would not let her in. He also denied that children were in there. After a standoff and some police arrived, Jones was about to get in. They didn’t find children but they did see that the home was unfit for children. Soon after Jones left, she got a call that children had left the home. The police were called and an officer stopped the car. Brandon Helms was driving the teen and her infant daughter in the car.

At first, the girl did not say anything but at the hospital, she told the doctors about what was happening. Brandon Helms was found guilty of 20 charges associated with raping the young girl. He was sentenced to 88 years in prison. The mother was also given 18 years for her role in the vile crime.