Newborn Premie Hangs On To Life With Some Help Of Hugs From His Twin Brother

If you happen to know identical twins in your life, you realize that they have something special between them. Of course, we all seem to have something special with our brothers and sisters but identical twins seem to have a connection that is above and beyond.

In some cases, they may know what each other is thinking even though they are many miles apart. This is a connection that starts when they are little babies and it continues throughout their entire life.

Something else that we know about identical twins is the fact that they seem to know what each other needs when they need it. That fact was clearly seen in the case of twins and one of them was fighting for survival.

Kelly and Billy Graves had identical twins, Otis and Chester. Chester, however, had some difficulties that led him to be a lot smaller than his bigger brother. In fact, when he was born, Chester was about 25% smaller.

The reason why he was smaller was because of a condition known as Selective Intrauterine Growth Restriction. It kept him from being able to get all that he needed from the placenta so his growth stopped early.

They discovered that Chester was smaller while the babies were still in the womb so Kelly was put in the hospital when they were only 19 weeks old. After being admitted to the hospital for laser surgical treatment, they also let her know what was wrong.

The surgery that was performed was to protect both of the babies but if Chester didn’t survive, Otis would have been protected from having brain damage or dying as well. As it turned out, both babies were born safely.

Chester was born at only 28 weeks on July 15, 2021. Otis was three times his size. Little Chester was only 1 pound, 1 ounce. Side-by-side, you could really tell the difference between the two of them but there was something else you can tell as well.

As the medical team was working on Chester and ventilating him, they realize that he had other problems that needed their attention. After looking into it, they discovered that he had a hole in his heart and he also needed eye surgery. Thankfully, the hole in his heart is closed.

It was what happened after they were born, however, that really took people by surprise. They saw the two of them next to each other and it seems as if Chester’s older brother knew exactly what he needed.

They were laying there and Otis was cuddling his little brother. Even though both of them were only newborns, it seemed as if he already knew what his brother was needing and it really seem to help Chester stay calm.

It’s always a beautiful thing when you see children that care for each other. It seems as if these two little boys cared for each other in a very special way.