Sheryl Crow Plays And Sings An Impressive ‘All I Wanna Do’ For A Tight Audience

There are many voices that we may hear on the radio every day and sometimes, we tune in to hear the same voice that we heard the day before. It isn’t always the people who are singing that fill the airways and make us tune in, it is also the personality on the radio show that is actually playing the music. At times, we may tune in because they say things that are funny and at other times, they may give commentary that we either agree or disagree with. Every once in a while, one of those radio personalities goes above and beyond and they are nationally syndicated. That is the case with Howard Stern, and he has been entertaining people for years.

In more recent years, Howard Stern has gone beyond being just a radio personality and now he is also seen on television. The Howard Stern Show gained significant popularity when it was syndicated nationally and it continues to be popular today. He has had so many different amazing stars who come into the studio, give an interview and play some music and it’s always interesting to see and hear. In the video that you see below, Howard Stern was sitting with Sheryl Crow, who sang the song “All I Want to Do” for Howard Stern in a small studio audience. It’s amazing to hear her singing live, because she sounds just as good or even better than what she does when we hear her on the radio.

Sooner or later, Howard Stern is going to go into retirement and we won’t be able to see or hear him doing these live shows for us. It’s interesting that he has continued to be popular down to this day and the stars who appear on his show consider it a real privilege to sit with him and play some music.

Sheryl Crow is just one of the many stars who have been in his studio and perform for him over the years. That being said, she is also one who is noteworthy because of the longevity of her career and the awesome music that she has played for us over the years. You can enjoy listening to her and watching her play ‘All I Want to Do’ in the following video.

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