Step-Son Says He Prefers ‘Real Dad’ So Step-Dad Kicks Him Out

When we have children, it is our nature to want to do everything we possibly can for them. There are times, however, when we may make decisions and we wonder if we are going down the right path.

That is where a father was when he went on Reddit to ask for some advice. He wasn’t really asking if he should do one thing or the other, he was telling his story to find out if he was a jerk or not.

You see, the father had a son but it was his step-son. Now, there are plenty of fathers out there that treat their step-son just like their own son but that isn’t always the case.

For this man, things went from bad to worse when he found out that his wife was cheating on him. Their son was 10 at the time and, after taking some tests, they determined that the lad was not his biological child.

As you can imagine, this was a difficult thing for him to handle but he wanted to make the best of it. Both he and the mother decided they would not tell the boy the truth but it came out when he was 18.

At that point, the young man started to have more of a relationship with his biological father and this was upsetting to the man who had cared for him all those years. It brought up so much stress that he decided to kick the young man out of his home

When he went on Reddit, it was to find out if he was being a jerk or if he was justified for feeling the way he felt. There were many people who commented.

Although there were some who sided with the son, most said that the father was justified in feeling that way. Perhaps they also felt that a lack of communication on everyone’s part made this a very difficult situation.

The man had the following to say: “Well, my son’s relationship with his bio dad really took off. The emotions and everything all came to a head recently at the child’s baby shower wherein he gifted his bio dad a shirt that said grandpa on it. Moreover he has started occasionally calling me by my first name even in front of our other kids. He has sort of made it clear to me that biology is more important than the man who raised him.”

“So instead of giving them a gift on the baby shower I quickly drew up a 30 day eviction notice after a quick call with my attorney and replaced my present with that. I’m just tired of the disrespect… but apparently he did not see it coming because he was completely blind sided.”

One thing is certain, this was a difficult situation that could have gone in any number of different directions. Let’s hope that it gets resolved in the best way possible.

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