Steve Irwin Holds His Granddaughter In A Beautiful Painting

There are certain people that touch our lives and they continue to be a part of us, even years after they are gone. Most of us probably think about family members when it comes to this type of relationship but it can also happen with somebody we’ve never met in person.

A good example of this is Steve Irwin, although most people know him as the Crocodile Hunter. He lived a good life and surrounded himself with family and animals, and he was a wildlife expert that really had a lot of personality.

When Steve Irwin died about 15 years ago, it really took the world by surprise. He was doing what he loved best when he was killed by a barb from the tail of a stingray while filming at the great barrier reef.

He left behind a legacy but he also left behind a wife, son, and daughter, who still love him very much. They have good lives and have continued to live the life that he passed on to them. Both of them are animal advocates, but his daughter, Bindy, is now married and now has her own daughter.

As you can imagine, Bindy would like nothing more than to have her father by her side and holding the daughter that is now a part of her life. It is impossible in reality but there is something that has really touched her heart and the heart of many others.

Somebody created a painting that shows Steve Irwin holding his granddaughter and surrounded by the rest of the family. When you look at the painting for yourself, you can’t help be touched by how realistic it is.

She went on Instagram to post the picture and explain just how much it meant to her. She also wants her daughter to know that her grandfather would’ve loved her very much.

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