Stranger Sits Outside And Watches Mom And Daughter But He Has An Unusual Request


Not everything is as it seems and a mother and daughter were about to discover that fact in a most touching way. It seems as if a stranger had pulled his truck out in front of their home and just sat there, making the woman nervous because she was home alone.

Although they had never seen the man in their life, they were about to get to know him in a very special way. You see, their little girl needed help, and he knew that he could provide it, even though they didn’t realize who he was.

Their teenage daughter was wheelchair-bound and they had always struggled in various ways. That family, from High Point, North Carolina was provided with a gift that day that they never could have expected.

The funny thing was, it came from a man who was just driving by and he saw something and decided to do something.

It started with a routine that Anthony Belton has with his daughter. When she gets home from school, he meets her outside so he can help her get up the stairs to the home.

This is difficult because she is in a wheelchair and there is not a ramp available to roll her up. The little girl does not appreciate being helped in such a way and it is an inconvenience for her father.

Anthony said that it is mostly an inconvenience for her. She has to go up and down the steps so it is a bumpy ride, to say the least. He also struggles to do it, because he’s getting older and his back isn’t what it used to be.

The teenager wants to be independent and the stairs out in front of the home don’t give her the opportunity to do it. That is where this stranger comes in because he saw what was going on and decided to assist.

The day the stranger knocked on the door he introduced himself as Joe Hill. His large truck had been parked out front and they didn’t know who he was, but they were about to get to know him in a very personal way.

It seems as if he is the owner of a waterproofing company and he was doing some work in the area. When he saw what happened with his daughter being brought up the stairs, he knew that he couldn’t simply stand by.

That is when he asked them if they minded if he came out to build them a ramp. Anthony looked at him funny, thinking that there was a catch because nothing is free.

As it turns out, Hill was serious and he came out the next Monday with his crew to build a ramp for the family. There was no fee associated with it, he just wanted to do something kind for the family.

This was truly overwhelming to Anthony but when he saw the look on his daughter’s face, it was all worth it. He mentioned that there was nothing in the world that could put a smile on his face and the face of his daughter except seeing her do something she enjoys.

As far as Hill was concerned, he saw a need and he knew he had to take care of it. That was the start, and it just blossomed from there.