Teacher Gets Backlash After Leaving ‘Absolutely Pathetic’ As A Comment On Math Homework

When it comes to school subjects, there are going to be those that we like and those that we don’t like. Math tends to be one that falls somewhere in the middle but when you like it, you probably love it.

For the rest of us who don’t love math, it was a very frustrating experience. Not only did we have to watch our peers excelling at something that we had difficulty with, we were often put down by our teachers for not being able to keep up with the best students.

Something like this happened to an elementary school student that wasn’t quite where he should’ve been with his math homework. The teacher ended up writing something on the homework that infuriated the father and the father went on social media to let people know about it.

Were talking about Chris Piland, a father to a second-grade student named Kamdyn. He goes to a school in Pennsylvania and, he has become well-known to people in all parts of the world.

There were 60 questions on the math assignment and they had three minutes to do as many of them as they possibly could. Kamdyn brought the assignment home and his father noticed that the teacher had written “absolutely pathetic” at the top of the sheet. They went on to say that he only answered 13 in three minutes and put a sad face.

As you can imagine, Chris was very upset about what the teacher did to his son and he went on Facebook to complain about it. He said that the teacher had been rude to the child all year and now that he came home with this, he was ready to blow up.

I’m sure that he expected everybody to be on his side but there were actually some who said he should put more into being a father and teaching his son about math rather than complaining about the teacher. Other people, however, were on his side and there was even a petition to get the teacher removed.